Here I demostrate things I have worked on both personally and proffesionally as a computer scientist and game developer. Fairly recently I've gained an intrest in 3D graphics, so there is some work here relating to that, else it might be educational or AI based. 


PIXI 3D Engine

Using the new PIXI.js V5 alpha build, I produced a simple yet easy to use 3D engine, with directional lighting, camera, 3D models and a scene graph.  I closely emulated the PIXI API's and ended up with a very easy to use 3D library for the PIXI 2D rendering engine.

3D Demo

Click here for demo


Simple WebGL Engine Tests

This test is a simple demo of a textured cube made in a custom 3D engine written in WebGL, with PIXI rendering on an overlaying canvas.  This was a starting point for the PIXI 3D engine.

3D WebGL Engine

Click here for demo


PIXI Raycast Engine

A nice lil psuedo 3D raycast engine using PIXI.js with a demo where you seek a cat in a maze.

Raycast PIXI 3D

Click here for demo


More Fake 3D Isometric Style

Yet more fake 3D in PIXI.js but this time isometric using voxel models sliced into sprites.  Its a nice effect seen in games such as NIUM

Fake 3D

Click here for demo